The start of 
We of started in 2008 on a smale scale in providing hydraulic used hospitalbeds for humanitarian projects and we discovered that there is a great need in good quality used hospitalbeds, in the past years we have seen a steady growth of our organisation due to both new clients discovering the good quality used hospitalbeds we provide and on a regular base returning clients who are satisfied with the used hospitalbeds and service we supplied in the past.
To meet the needs of our clients we are very active in purchasing used hospital beds in Western Europe, we bring them to our warehouse were they are all fully checked by our dedicated warehouse staff. When needed we service the beds, refurbish them, supply the used hospitalbed with a good quality used medical matress and store them 3 or 4 high in our warehouse, ready to be loaded for a future client.    
You will find used hospitalbeds of well known brands like Oostwoud, Stiegelmeyer, HillRom, Huntleigh, Volker, Mertens, Haelvoet, Etesmi and others in our warehouse  

Opening of our showroom in 2011
In the beginning of 2011 we were happy to anounce the opening of a 200  Qmtr showroom were our used hospitalbeds and a lot of other medical items and equipment are displayed in a way that they can be tried and tested. Normally our showroom is opened daily from Monday till Friday from 09:00 - 17:00  but for overseas clients we make exceptions for appointments outside office hours.  Our showroom and warehouse can be find on the Gaastraweg 2, 8444DE Heerenveen, The Netherlands.

Not only beds......
Beside used hospitalbeds we can supply you with a wide range of bedside trolleys and sometimes medical equipment, medical related furniture and (home) care medical items. Ofcourse all of them are used but in good to perfect state and thuss interested because of their price. In this website you will find various categories in which these products are defined

The current situation 
At the moment we have a 8.000 Qmtr warehouse holding most of the time at least 4.000 used hospitalbeds, we have a 240 Qmtr showroom were you can see and test all of our used hospitalbeds, bedside lockers and medical equipment and medical related (home) care products like iron nurses, operating tables, operating lamps, X-ray machines, incubators and much more. 

Sometimes we come across a very special single item, these specials can be found in the "medical equipment" category, if you are looking for something that can't be found on our website we invite you to drop an e-mail with your question, most of the time we can help you due to our wide range of contacts in the medical field.  Ofcourse you can always contact us by e-mail at or by phone at +31-85-2738882